If you are reading this page, it likely means that you are ready to begin you provisional hours as a psychologist. This is a significant milestone. Congratulations!  I encourage you to ‘shop around’ to find a supervisor that is right for you. If I am a good fit, I would be honored to go on this journey with you. Let me tell you a bit about myself…

I meet all of the requirements from the College of Alberta Psychologists to provide supervision to provisional psychologists as they work towards their registration, including coursework specific to professional supervision. I use evidence-based approaches to supervision and offer a variety of approaches to supervision, including case conceptualization, file review, role play, review of recorded sessions, exam preparation, as well as exploration of theory and ethics in supervision time. I have been providing supervision since August, 2021 and I find it very rewarding.

Supervision is expensive and needs to be of value to you as the supervisee. I am able to tailor supervision to meet your evolving needs works collaboratively to ensure that you are getting what you need from your supervision time. Whenever I have more than one supervisee, I endeavour to offer group supervision as a means of making this process more affordable.  My fee for supervision is $150.00 / hour, and when group supervision is a possibility, that fee is divided amongst supervisees.

I am happy to meet for a free consultation to further explore goodness of fit and the potential to provide supervision.