Emotional Intelligence

I often talk to clients about Emotional Intelligence (EI) in session when appropriate. I also teach it directly to groups.  I find this topic especially useful with youth who are interested in understanding themselves better as well as parents who see that their children are struggling emotionally, socially, and/or academically.

 EI encompasses:


  • Self-awareness & developing a positive sense of self-worth

  • Problem-solving

  • Emotional management/Impulse control,

  • Decision-making

  • Relationship-building / Empathy / Social skills

  • Taking responsibility for one’s actions

EI is about developing people skills and common sense

  • EI may be learned as a result of previous social experiences .

  • EI can be learned at any age.

Youth with a low EI can be described as:

  • inexpressive

  • having negative attitudes

  •  impulsive

  • rarely claiming responsibility for their actions

  • disconnected from peers and teachers

  • struggling with decisions, and

  • doing poorly in school

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