Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy

  • Can be used with individuals, couSatirImage2ples, and families

  • Explores coping styles , expectations, perceptions, feelings, fears, and yearnings in order to be more fully connected to Self

  • Allows people to develop higher self-esteem, increase their level of responsibility, make better choices, and be more in touch with themselves.

  • Is experiential, meaning that  feelings, perceptions, sensations, etc. are experienced by the clients; this is how it differs from other talk therapies. Family therapy, for example, can include role play, sculpting, and other interactive techniques.

  • Is systemic and so individuals are considered  part of a larger system (such as the family)and their therapy involves the family either through history-taking or in person.

For more information about the theory behind this therapy, you can read:

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